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Horizontal Form Fill (HFF)and Vertical Form Fill (VFF) Knives

Toothform knives for horizontal form fill and vertical form fill machines

Fernite manufactures vertical form fill (VFF) and horizontal form fill (HFF) knives for various markets: food, drink, tobacco, pet food, chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical.

We supply vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal knives to meet your exact bagging, heat sealing and packaging requirements.

Due to their precision, toothform knives are serrated tooth knives able to cut all types of materials. For example, these knives can proceed cutting tape, bubble-wrap, and any kind of film packaging. Also, they are used in heavy duty plastic packaging.

We manufacture form fill knives to your exacting specification

  • Stainless Steel
  • Tool Steel
  • HSS
Our experience allows us to coat form fill seal knives as required. By doing this, we greatly improve wear resistance, subsequently preventing adhesion. 

If required, we can customise your form fill knives with tear notch knives.

Our advanced technology enables us to combine a huge variety of tooth profiles and pitches to form tear notches that perform clean cut and easy-to-open tear notch.

We supply customers globally with form fill knives compatible with the leading packaging systems: 

VFF - Vertical Form fill Knives

Manufacturers include:

BW Flexible
GIC (Gainsborough Industrial)
Gainsborough Engineering
Viking Masek
Rovema Knives
Syntegon (Bosch)
Line Equipment

HFF - Horizontal Form fill Knives

We supply customers globally with form fill knives compatible with the leading packaging systems: 

BW Flexible
Syntegon (Bosch)
Line Equipment
Paramount Packaging (Fuji)
Rovema Knives

We never compromise on quality

Fernite is committed to supplying the highest quality machine knives on the market. We never compromise on the quality of our material or the quality of our craftsmanship.

When you buy from Fernite you can be assured that:

  • Every blade is manufactured in the UK, at our ISO9001 certified Sheffield factory
  • We only use high quality, fully traceable European steel.
  • Every blade is manufactured to your exact specifications
  • If you already know the type of knife you need, please get in touch
    enquiries@fernite.co.uk. To enable us to provide a fast and accurate quote, please give as much information as you can.

Specialist machine knives for bag and sack making

Fernite’s specialist machine knives for bag and sack making are suitable for bag forming from a wide range of materials. We are a leading manufacturer of Gloucester bag knives sack-making knives, coated blades and bespoke machine knives used in equipment producing plastic bags.

Our production knives provide a custom result based on the shape, design, and size of the bags. To keep its cutting edge longer these blades can be coated, with tin or Teflon, dependant on the application, to offer greater durability.

Utilised by some of the world’s leading packaging firms, Fernite machine knives offer market-leading cutting performance and expert customer support from our friendly team whenever you need it.

Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield

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