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Machine Knife Development Service

Could your business benefit from the Machine Knife Development Service, saving you time and money?

Is a cutting problem slowing your production process down?
Knives are a small yet vital part of the production process. Using the correct blade will deliver significant savings to your business; by cutting downtime, maintenance, reducing scrap, damage, increasing production runs and improving margins.

Upgrading to a Fernite custom knife is a small change, but delivers maximum gain.

Using the latest technology, our highly skilled staff use a collaborative approach to working.

Fernite are partnered with some of the world’s leading brands to help develop and manufacture bespoke machine knives to solve their cutting issues. Our knives help you increase your production runs, reduce scrap and damage, cut downtime and maintenance costs, generating additional sales and higher profits.

Our Blade Development Service can help deliver the following:

Cutting performance:
A combination of expert knowledge, state of the art technology and the finest quality materials mean we can produce a blade specifically developed to cut the exact material specified. 

We’ve helped our customers increase production runs, reducing scrap and damage. resulting in increased sales and margins.

Lead time: 
As we manufacture every product in our Sheffield factory, we have control over the entire production process. We can deliver the all-important certainty and consistency you need from a machine knife supplier, and we’ll work with you to cut production lead times.

If you depend on fast service to keep your machinery up-and-running, talk to us about a stock agreement.

Blade life: 
Our steel experts can identify the right grade, structure, hardness and condition to make your bespoke blade keep cutting for longer. We can develop coated blades if required.

We’ve helped customers across the globe to extend the life of their blades, in some cases up to five times longer. The value of our Machine Knife Development Service is undeniable.

Blade Development Service, How it Works!

Our machine knife experts will work with you to develop, test and manufacture a blade that meets your exact requirements, using our Machine Knife Development Service.

We begin by assessing your requirements – what problem are you looking to solve? How is your existing setup performing? Where are the bottlenecks? Our technical team will then work closely with you to select the ideal grade and condition of material, develop the profile of the blade and refine the cutting edge to deliver the results you need.

Our factory
is equipped with a huge range of the latest technology, enabling us to develop the widest possible range of cutting solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to solve the cutting challenges other machine knife companies won’t even attempt.

From light components
to heavy-duty large blades, Fernite have the capability to manufacture a wide range of non-standard and specialist products. Whether your existing blades aren’t delivering the performance you need, or whether you require a new blade for a specific application,  we can develop a bespoke solution which meets your exact requirements.

Industrial Machine Knife Manufacturer, Fernite of Sheffield

Can we help solve your machine knife problem?

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Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield
Fernite's advanced manufacturing capabilities us to tackle the most challenging development work.
Fernite's advanced manufacturing capabilities us to tackle the most challenging development work.
Machine Knife development - Fernite's Blade Development Service helps you solve cutting problems. We design and manufacture the bespoke knife to suit your exact requirements