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Tear Notch Knives

Tear Notch Knives

Precision ground teeth for cutting tear notches

Fernite manufacture tear notch knives for a precise, clean cut forming an easy-to-open tear notch. 

Our advanced technology enables us to combine a huge variety of tooth profiles and pitches to form tear notches to meet each customer’s precise requirements.

Fernite only utilise the finest steel available and manufacture every product in our ISO9001 certified UK factory – ensuring quality in every knife. 

For additional knife lifespan or wear resistance, we can offer a range of coatings

Tear notch knife - Fernite Machine Knives
Varied tooth profile for cutting tear notches

Custom tooth profiles

We can manufacture to a drawing or sample, or we can develop a custom tooth profile to suit a new process if required. 

Our friendly blade development experts can help you achieve the results you need from the knife – and with decades of experience we can work closely with you to develop and test new profiles. 

If you require a custom tooth profile, please email enquiries@fernite.co.uk with your requirements, or call +44 (0)114 244 0527