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PrintBlade Doctor Blades, by Fernite of Sheffield

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Doctor Blades UK

Renowned for great flexibility, responsive working partnerships and first-rate quality and reliability, PrintBlade Doctor Blades by Fernite of Sheffield are your ideal supplier of precision-made Doctor Blades for flexographic and rotogravure printing.

PrintBlade is available in a range of grades to suit every applications and we supply your Doctor Blades with the industry standard range of edge profiles.

Machine Knives for every step of the printing process.

Our range of machine knives for the printing and converting sectors include:

Doctor blades
Circular cutters and perforators
Toothform knives
Splice knives
Tucker and Folder blades
Ink duct blades
Trimmer blades
Sheeter blades
Polyurethane-faced gripper blades.

We will work with you to match your specification and workflow, manufacturing your products with world-class expertise and precision in our ISO9001 accredited manufacturing sites.

Fundamental to the precision, efficiency and continuity.....

Fundamental to the precision, efficiency and continuity of printing processes across the world, the doctor blade is a small yet vital machine component which Fernite of Sheffield manufacture to the highest standards here in the UK. Long-established experts in crafting the finest machine knives, blades and cutters in the world, Fernite is proud to provide the print industry with our superb PrintBlade range of flexographic, gravure and lithographic blades, manufactured in our own Sheffield factory, available with next-day delivery, ex-stock. 

The PrintBlade range includes four different steel specifications (carbon, tool refined and stainless). 
All are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths and are either supplied in continuous 100m coils or cut to your specified length and packed in dispenser cassettes as required. We supply a doctor blade with a round, bevel, or lamella (‘stepped’) machine-ground edge profile.

Machine continuity is a major concern for print producers worldwide. At Fernite, our skilled experts harness advanced technologies to craft every doctor blade from the finest quality European steels: the result is a robust, long-lasting precision blade that delivers enduring reliability and optimum continuity, at an incredibly competitive price

In addition, manufacturing all our blades, cutters and knives in-house means that the Fernite team have maximum control over the production process, enabling us to build and hold excellent stocks.

Doctor Blades delivered Worldwide, from stock

So when you need urgent supplies, we can deliver rapidly from our extensive stock – within 24 hours if necessary.
With nearly two centuries of skill and experience in manufacturing the finest blades, we’re not only proud of our world-class Fernite products, we’re also passionate about giving great customer service. We’ll always go out of our way to give information and advice that ensures you get the exact doctor blades UK you want, when you need them. Our technical advisers can also help you maximise machine efficiency and reduce specific production problems such as streaking, spitting and roller damage.

Whatever your blade profile, we’re always here to deliver the best in service and quality, every time.

Trusted by many of the world’s leading brands for reliability, value, service and support, Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal doctor blades partner.

Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal Doctor Blade UK Manufacturer.