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Plastic Granulator Blades and Knives

A complete design, production, repair and regrinding service is available to all of our customers and our technical staff are available to give expert advice and guidance. Our inspection and test procedures are both rigid and comprehensive.

Choosing the correct granulator blade

In order to choose the most efficient, cost-effective knife, various questions must be answered. These together with our experience will enable us to make an assessment of your requirements and put forward the best recommendations.

  • What material is being processed? hard, soft, large or small section?
  • Is there likely to be a risk of contamination?
  • How abrasive is the material?
  • Does the knife operate in a corrosive environment?
  • Cost. A large section knife is generally cheaper if a tipped knife is used, whereas a knife of small sectional area is invariably cheaper if made from heat treated alloy steel.
  • What issues are you experiencing with your current knife?
D2 Tool Steel versus Tipped Blades, which is best for you?

Standard D2 Tool Steel

Machine knives have traditionally been made from heat treated alloy steels which can provide extreme hardness, good abrasion resistance and can be ground to very acute angles.
This is the most common type of blade used in granulation systems. However, if you are having problems such as large chips, blades becoming dull quickly and breakages, then it’s  probably time to consider a tipped blade.

When to choose a toughened, tipped or superior tipped blade.

An important factor to remember, is that a damaged tipped knife can be repaired, provided that there is sufficient grinding life left in the knife. Our tips are manufactured into the blade, subsequently forming a complete mechanical and metallurgical bond. 

Considerable cost savings arise using this type of blade, especially ones with a large cross-sectional area. The special advantage of these knives is their shatterproof quality which prevents damage to the granulator machine. This is because a tipped blade will twist rather than shatter like a solid tool steel blade. Being shatterproof is particularly important when the material being processed may be contaminated by foreign matter. 

Fernite tough tipped blades are ideal where there is a risk of contamination, or where D2 blades are prone to suffering larger chips. Our toughened blades retain their sharpness for longer and any chips will be smaller. So, this means that any damage sustained can be repaired by sharpening the blade. Whilst sharpening the blade , we’re able to remove less material extending both the efficiency and the working life of the blade.

Our superior tipped blades are ideal for heavy duty cutting and where the material processed is operated at an elevated temperature.

Long lasting Plastic Granulator Blades and Knives for the recycling industries

Many global recycling companies trust Fernite to manufacture for them tough and durable rubber and plastic granulator blades.

At Fernite, we use only first-class quality steel from European accredited mills to manufacture every blade with absolute precision. Because the demand for recycling and re-usable materials is growing all over the world, granulator machines requirements for running smoothly and effectively are more than ever vital. We understand this, and that is why we follow strict international standards during our granulator rotor knives and fly blades manufacturing.

Fernite manufacture all our granulator blades at our ISO9001 certified Sheffield factory, this gives us full control over our production process, quality and lead times.

The Fernite name is synonymous with quality, reliability and service and has been supplying leading plastics and recycling businesses with granulator blades for decades.

Additionally, we also offer a professional granulator blade sharpening service, with a regular pickup/collection service throughout the UK.

Fernite - Advanced machine knife manufacturing capabilities
Specialist manufacturers of custom machine knives

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ISO 9001 Certified industrial knife manufacturer, made in sheffield, UK, granulator blades for the plastics industry
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Plastic Granulator Blades - Manufactured by Fernite of Sheffield
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Advanced manufacturing capabilities and a wide range of blades in stock

We produce plastic granulator blades for any kind of machine such as: Alpine, CMB, Rapid, Zerma, Dreher, Cumberland, Amacoil and many others.

Often available from stock, we also manufacture bespoke granulator blades, designed and made to your precise specifications within excellent lead time.

No matter whether you are processing plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or food, we can deliver the blades you need to keep your machines at peak performance. Fernite expertise means that your granulator blades will last longer, need less maintenance and cut with maximum precision, every time.

We can manufacture granulator blades for a vast range of machine makes and models.

A selection of the machines listed in our database are shown below, click on the links for more information. If your machine is not on this list we are still able to manufacture to a sample or a drawing.

  • CMG
  • Colortronic
  • Conair
  • Cumberland
  • Dreher
  • Fogg and Young
  • Getecha
  • Herbold
  • Leesona
  • Mateu y Sole
  • Moretto
  • Nelmor
  • Pallmann
  • Piovan

Our customers often ask about Plastic Granulator Blades:

Can you manufacture granulator blades from a custom drawing or sample?

The answer is yes, we can. If you have a drawing or even only planning your Granulator Blades we can manufacture it for you. If you are looking for a CNC manufacturer of Granulator Blades and Knives please email or phone us to discuss your requirements.

Can you extend the life of my granulator blades?

Fernite offer standard blades made from high quality European Tool steel. To further improve blade life, wear resistance and chip resistance we offer a toughened tip or superior tip. Speak to our sales team if you would like to learn more.

How do you make tungsten carbide tipped granulator blades?

To improve wear resistance of the edge to impact and erosion, we manufacture tungsten carbide tipped Granulator Blades. During the manufacturing process we braze a tungsten carbide insert onto the cutting edge of the granulator blade.

Can you identify a granulator blade from a serial number, or do I need to measure the blade?

Fernite has an extensive database of granulator blades that fit many machines locally and abroad. With this large record of various models we can help many customers to identify their blades and manufacture them.

Expert service and technical support from your Granulator Blades Manufacturer

Our friendly, helpful team members are always here to answer your questions and offer any advice you might need when searching for the right blades for your particular application.

Do you struggle to get excellent service combined with finest quality, cost-effective granulator blades?

Or perhaps you need a particular design or finish and can’t find the quality you need at the right price? If so, give Fernite of Sheffield a call: we’re here to help.