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Why make Fernite your 1# machine knife manufacturer ?

Fernite of Sheffield Company Values - Passion - #1 for machine blade manufacturer
Fernite of Sheffield Company Values - Integrity - #1 for machine blade manufacturer
Fernite of Sheffield Company Values - Customer Focus - #1 for machine blade manufacturer
Fernite of Sheffield Company Values - Investment - #1 for machine blade manufacturer
Fernite of Sheffield Company Values - Quality - #1 for machine blade manufacturer
1.  UK #1 machine knife manufacturer giving you first-rate products at excellent prices

At Fernite, ‘Made in Sheffield’ means exactly that. Our product is made exclusively in our own ISO9001 certified Sheffield factory and meets our stringent quality standards. Unlike many others, we never import from low-cost economies and then badge the product as our own.

By manufacturing all our product in-house we can also carefully control our quality and costs. We then pass that benefit back to you, giving the best value anywhere in the industry.

2.  Flexible delivery that keeps your production on-track

It’s not always easy to predict exactly when you will need your blades. However, with our state-of-the-art production, flexible deliveries and absolute commitment to productive partnership, we’re perfectly placed to support your business. And if you’re in a fix, we’ll go the extra mile to get you out of it.

We can ship product internationally on short lead times, keeping you up and running and reducing expensive down-time for you or your customer.

3.  Productive partnership that supercharges your growth and profitability

We’re fully committed to working as collaborative, problem-solving partners with our customers, achieving your goals and exceeding all your expectations. Everyone wins: by developing enduring and fruitful relationships with customers, we all share in the same success.

We’ll never compete against our own distributors, nor will we and we’ll never saturate an area with more distributors than it demands.

4.  1# machine knife manufacturer that places you ahead of your competition

Fernite offers you the finest machine knives in the world, direct from us, Sheffield’s leading manufacturer.

For distributors, our commitment to developing and refining production techniques means that you can provide your customers with consistently superior products, helping you win and retain more business and maximise revenue.

For end users, you’ll be able to process more material more quickly with less waste and more end product… That means greater profitability for you.

5.  Our Guarantee removes all risk from your investment

Our Guarantee is your ultimate assurance of quality, and if the knife or blade your buy from us isn’t spot-on, we’ll provide you with a replacement or a full refund.

Working together, we’ll help you:

  • win more sales
  • keep your customers thoroughly satisfied
  • increase your market share by supplying world-class products with the finest advice and support available anywhere in the world.
Circular Knife manufacturer and UK's #1 sharpening and regrind service
Chipper Blade manufacturer and sharpening / regrind service
6.  Technical support that answers all your queries – fast

If you’ve got a question, a concern or you want to explore different ways of solving a problem, you’re always welcome to call our friendly, helpful team at Fernite. We’ll find the information you need and help you decide on the best solution for you.

7.  Our passion for development and growth – for our partners and ourselves

At Fernite we’re truly passionate about what we do.

We’re passionate about constantly developing the finest machine knives, passionate about helping our customers and distributors to grow their businesses, and passionate about making sure that – whatever their size, sector or scale – every purchaser of Fernite blades is never less than 100% delighted.

It’s that passion that’s seen us leading our industry for almost 200 years.

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