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Shredder blades to cut plastic, rubber, scrap metal and electronics waste

We manufacture shredder blades according to custom designs and in standard OEM specifications. Just let us know the model you require or send us your drawing and we will produce it for you. If you would like us to improve your current proceeding process, please let us know your application and we can advise on the best steel grade and shredder blades design.

Durable and effective shredder blades from our ISO9001 certified Sheffield factory.

Fernite of Sheffield manufacture all blades in our ISO9001 factory, we have an expert production team and the very latest advanced manufacturing technology.

Only by introducing these advanced measures have we been able to we achieve our internationally recognised sign of quality management. Fernite produce blades which meet your exact requirements, every time. Additionally, we offer cutting crowns, shredder blocks, and counter knives.

Single shaft Shredder Blades that withstand the demands of 24/7 operation.

We manufacture Shredder Blades from various steel grades that provide high wear resistance and mechanical burdening. With access to the world’s finest steels, we ensure our customers have a choice of materials for various applications. Having a large experience in manufacturing for worldwide companies, experts at Fernite can make complex industrial blade solutions for diverse machinery. Our shredder blades:

  • have hardness within 40 to 70 HRC
  • heat treated to exact specifications
  • configure a shredder blade design from custom drawings

Also we supplies blades for various machinery, such as Blackfriars, Bano, Cumberland, Dragon, Erema, Lindner, Rapid, Ulster, Weima, Vecoplan, Zerma, and many more.

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