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Precision Machine Knives for the Print and Paper Industries

Knives for the paper and printing industries

Renowned for our flexibility, quality and a responsive service, Fernite are an ideal partner for the print and paper industry.

With the capability to manufacture a wide range of specialist products and access to the finest steel on the market, Fernite are ready to work with you to develop blades to improve your production processes and solve your machine knife problems.

Our range of paper, converting and print machine blades includes:
  • Web cut-off knives
  • Tucker and folder blades
  • Toothform knives
  • Ink duct blades
  • Doctor blades
  • Circular paper cutters
  • Cardboard cutters
  • Trimmer blades
  • Sheeter blades
  • Splice knives
  • Perforator blades
  • Slitting Blades
  • Splice Knives
  • Circular cutters and circular perforators
  • Polyurethane-faced gripper blades

Nick Wright, Fernite of Sheffield
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Working in partnership - delivering results

We work with you to meet your own specifications and workflow, manufacturing your products with world-class expertise and precision in our  ISO9001 certified Sheffield plant.

Allow us to help solve your machine knife problem!
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