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New pulveriser discs and blade sharpening service

We want your dull Pulveriser discs now!

Regular sharpening of your pulveriser discs, not only ensures that your pulveriser discs retain good through-put, but also minimises the amount of material needing to be removed to return your pulveriser to an “as good as new” Fernite standard.

Our expert grinders will carefully sharpen your blade, tooth by tooth on our fully automated 4 axis CNC machine. In fact, we sharpen your dull discs on the same machines that we use to manufacture any new discs.


Benefits of pulveriser disc re-sharpening

  • Cost effective – with an improved ROI
  • Quicker turnaround than new
  • Peace of mind supply solutions
  • UK collection and delivery
  • ISO9001 certified manufacturer

Do you need new pulveriser discs?

Please send through your details, including the make and model of your pulverising machine and we’ll arrange to send a quotation for your new discs. We can manufacture custom-made blades or supply from stock, with dimensions ranging from 180mm – 900mm, dependent on the model of your pulveriser e.g. PU500, PU800, and others.

We can create a drawing and manufacture new pulverising discs using your sample as the template. Our experience allows us to adapt the disk configuration to match the material being micronized, whether that be PVC, PC, or PE. 

We’re also happy to discuss stocking your discs, so they’re available for immediate availability, minimising any production downtime and improving your ROI. 

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new pulveriser discs and sharpening service