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Circular Cutters - Wide range of circular cutting blades from Fernite Machine Knives - UK manufacturers of machine knives and bespoke blades

Specialist Circular Cutters for a wide range of applications

High performance circular knives supplied to the world's leading brands

If you’re looking for a specialist circular cutters manufacturer in the UK that can provide you with maximum precision, reliability, quality and value, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Fernite of Sheffield are specialists in circular cutter blade manufacturing, and we supply a huge range of cutters to world-leading brands in the food, converting, paper, printing, plastics and industries. 

We have accumulated nearly two centuries of expertise, insight and experience in crafting the finest steel blades on the world market. Today, we combine our long heritage with advanced industry-leading technologies to deliver excellent quality matched with superb cost-efficiencies, too.

Renowned for great flexibility, responsive working partnerships and first-rate quality and reliability, Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal supplier of precision circular cutters and machine blades for a variety of industries.

If you require circular cutters – just get in touch for a fast quote. Call 0114 244 0527 or email enquiries@fernite.co.uk

Our precision blades include:

  • circular cutters and perforators
  • doctor blades
  • toothform knives
  • splice knives
  • tucker and folder blades
  • ink duct blades
  • trimmer blades
  • sheeter blades
  • polyurethane-faced gripper blades.

We work with you to meet your own specifications and workflow, manufacturing your products with world-class expertise and precision in our Sheffield plant. Rooted in our history and actively producing, researching and developing market leading precision blades and circular cutters, we are a proud flagship of the Sheffield steel knife and blade industry.

Cicular Cutters made in the UK

The quality of our circular cutters is unparalleled. We use only fully traceable steel from accredited European mills and we manufacture in our own Sheffield plant. Our strict development and production processes use the very latest manufacturing technology including CNC machining centres and grinding machines adapted from the exacting aerospace industry.

Our ISO 9001 certification reflects our commitment to quality management excellence.

Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal Circular cutters UK manufacturer.

Talk to us today on +44 (0) 114 244 0527, or you could email us: enquiries@fernite.co.uk us if you prefer