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Converting Blades manufactured for the converting industry.

Continuous productivity, consistent blade performance and high efficiency levels are essential to the converting industry, speak to Fernite of Sheffield about our precision converting blades. 

Whether you are working with paper, plastic, foil, film or fabric, knives are a small yet crucial part of the converting process. 

Fernite specialise in solving cutting problems – helping our customers extend production runs, cut wastage, reduce downtime and make long-term savings. 

Knives for the paper and printing industries

Please contact Gary
to discuss your requirements

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Email: gary.coughlan@fernite.co.uk

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Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield

Specialists in developing bespoke converting knives

Circular knives, perforators, slitting knives & more, converting knives developed to your exact requirements.

Fernite of Sheffield specialise in developing converting blades to optimize your production processes.
Whether you have a particular cutting issue to solve, or want to improve the efficiency of your production process, we can help.

With world-renowned expertise, advanced manufacturing capabilities and a helpful supportive approach, we work with you to meet your needs, 
offering a vast range of converting products, including:

Core cutters
Creaser blades
Crush cutters
Mill knives
Perforation wheels
Perforating knives
Scoring blades
Sheeter knives
Slitter blades
Trimmer knives
Web cut-off knives

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