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Cumberland Granulator Knives

Cumberland Granulator Rotor Knives and Stator Knives for the plastic and rubber industries

Cumberland granulators always meet the demanding needs of size reduction industries. Many plastics and rubber processing plants around the world use them daily, and so operators look for improvement of granulators usage. It is well known, that Cumberland granulator knives are the highest wearing part. How fast the blades become dull depends on a volume of processing materials, knives geometry, and also steel choice.

Here at Fernite we have expertise of optimising granulator knives design and applying an appropriate heat treatment for cutting challenging materials with high-quality output. To manufacture our blades we use top quality, accredited European steels. 

We manufacture in our ISO9001 certified factory in Sheffield

At Fernite we manufacture granulator knives in our ISO9001 certified factory from the highest quality steel. We manufacture popular and customised Cumberland granulator knives to dimensional tolerances that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Any granulator machine performs better with sharp granulator knives  that are set to exact cutting gap. That is why we grind our knives per set to ensure a precise gap fit, precision cutting, longevity and machine balance.

At Fernite we want to ensure our customers constantly generate uniform regrind with minimal dust content. By providing Cumberland Granulator knives to customers all around the world we have build an extensive database of drawings and knowledge.

We manufacture many models of Cumberland Granulator Knives, and some are listed below. Please note, if you cannot find your model please do contact us using the form to the right. 

  • 18/21
  • 4070
  • 5060 & 5090
  • 1010
  • B16
  • 3040
  • 40/70
  • 4510
  • 50/70
  • 50B
  • 3030

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Cumberland knives
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