Cheese Cutter Blades

Cheese cutter blades with a precision ground bevel edge, for accurate clean cutting.

Made from the highest quality 420 stainless steel

Fernite cheese cutter blades are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steels available, with excellent resistance against pitting, rust and corrosion – vital when cutting through food products. 

Our stainless steel knives are manufactured to meet each customer’s exact requirements, with bevel angle, sizes, material thickness, holes and slots to fit your machine. 

Our precision grinding methods deliver a consistent, sharp cutting edge keeping your production line running for longer, reducing your downtime. This means greater plant output and reduced maintenance costs.  

We have helped our customers in the food industry save thousands of pounds each year just by switching to Fernite knives. 

We’re food industry specialists, supplying a wide range of specialist knives to the world’s most famous food brands. Get in touch today to find out how Fernite knives can support your company’s success. 

Experts at solving cutting issues

If you’re experiencing difficulty with a cutting process, using our Blade Development Service could help you solve the problem. We look at every aspect of your process, and we then work closely with you to develop custom knives which deliver the results you need.

See our Blade Development page for more information. 

Made in Sheffield - the World Famous Steel City

Every Fernite knife is manufactured in Sheffield – the UK’s leading location for advanced manufacturing and the birthplace of stainless steel. 

We employ a highly skilled workforce, and by keeping production in-house we retain control over quality, cost and lead time.

Our factory is ISO9001 certified, the international standard for quality management – so you can be assured of a reliable service every time.

If you have any machine knife or steel requirements, please give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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