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Tray Sealing Knives

Tray sealing knives for various industries

Tray sealing knives information

Fernite of Sheffield are a specialist manufacturer of formed tray knives and tray knife strip.
Supplied to the world’s greatest brands, Fernite blades have been developed to increase production run times and deliver clean precise cutting, time and time again.

Fernite can supply formed tray knives with tooth pitch and dimensions to your exact specification. Our precision grinding technology ensures a precise and accurate tooth profile every time.

Fernite supply to OEM’s, large food and packaging businesses, as well as SME’s and artisan producers.

Whether an annual contract or a short run of bespoke blades, Fernite can provide the quantities you require, when you require them at a great price.

Knife Options

Fernite currently manufacture an extensive range of formed tray knives, with the experience to adjust tooth profiles to suit specific customer requirements. 

Every Fernite product is manufactured in our purpose built Sheffield factory.

All steel used in our tray knife manufacturing is fully traceable and sourced from the world’s finest mills.

Fernite offer fast and reliable worldwide delivery.

Please contact Gary to discuss your requirements

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Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield

User benefits

  • 420 food grade stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant.
  • 420 food grade stainless steel for high performance and long life.
  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances and to customer specification.
  • Reliable supply from an ISO9001 certified UK manufacturer. 
  • Precision ground edges with exceptional straightness.
  • All strip and tray knives manufactured in our own Sheffield facility.
  • Fast turnaround times with reliable global shipping available.
Fernite can manufacture a range of OEM equivalent knives:


  • Efabind
  • G.Mondini
  • Gruppo Fabbri
  • I.DEA Pack
  • Ilpra
  • MPE
  • Multivac
  • ORA
  • (PA) Packaging Automation
  • Proseal
  • Reepack
  • Ross
  • Rotopack
  • Scandivac
  • Tecnovac
  • Ulma
  • Variovac
  • VC999
  • Zitropac

Also, Fernite can manufacture tray sealing knives according to your custom requirements. Provide us with information about your application, and we will take it from there.

If you would like your company logo adding to the tray sealing knife, please let us know and we can add it at no additional cost for you.

Get a fast, competitive quotation

To ensure we provide you with an accurate quote as quickly as possible, please provide as much information as you can, including material grade required, thickness, tooth profile required,  length of strip and width. Alternatively we can manufacture from a technical drawing or a sample.

If you are submitting a sample, please send it to: Fernite of Sheffield Ltd, 1, Orgreave Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S13 9LQ, United Kingdom.

Look at the whole range of our Packaging Knives.

Fernite manufacture tray sealing knives for sealing machines in food, packaging, film applications. During the sealing process the heating element seals the film onto the tray, then the knife cuts away the excess film. To firmly seal and accurately cut away, the excess tray knives must be super sharp. Therefore, we manufacture only strong tray sealer knives that considerably reduce wastage and improve production efficiency. 

As Fernite are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we consistently provide products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements. Our strict quality control procedures ensure we deliver only sharp and precise machine knives that match international standard requirements. Our high-quality cutting-edge knives are manufactured to the highest specifications on our ISO certified facilities in Sheffield. 

With the level of precision our blades provide, you can maximize your efficiency and reduce machine downtime due to faulty blades.

Cut wastage and reduce loading times with Fernite's seal knives

Tray sealing knife with a high quality cutting edge

We manufacture our tray sealing knives from 420 stainless steel, that ensures increased strength, hardness, and corrosion resistant to handle the impact of daily use even at high temperature applications.

All tray sealing knives have an exceptionally sharp tooth configurations. Fernite’s advanced grinding technology delivers an accurate tooth pitch in every knife – ensuring even wear across the teeth for longer blade life and a more accurate cut.

We manufacture tray sealing knives in various shapes, sizes, and tooth designs: Multi-tray knives, formed knives, and tray knife strip.


2 metre tray knife strip - for reduced wastage

Fernite produce tray knife strip in lengths of up to 2 metres – resulting in dramatically reduced wastage during the forming process.
While other knife manufacturers have low limits on the strip they can produce, Fernite’s advanced technology enables us to manufacture two metre tray form knife strip while maintaining the precision and accuracy of the tooth profile.

By switching to 2 metre lengths, our customers are making significant savings by forming more knives from each length and reducing loading times.

buy tray sealing knives and carrier bag handle cutting knives from Fernite of Sheffield
buy tray sealing knives from Fernite of Sheffield
buy tray sealing knives from Fernite of Sheffield