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CMB granulator blades for the CMB range

CMB granulator blades are available from Fernite with short turnaround times. 

Fernite high quality, UK-manufactured blades for the full range of CMB granulator machines. Our blades are manufactured only using the highest quality steel available, and our factory is ISO9001 accredited, the internationally recognised standard in quality assurance. 

We offer a tough-tipped blade for exceptional cutting performance and wear resistance, or a D2 tool steel option, and we can produce blades with custom modifications if required. 

If you don’t know the model number of the machine, or your machine is not listed below, then we are still able to help. Please call +44 (0) 114 244 0527 and have as many details as possible about the blades as possible. Eg: bevel type, number of slots, holes, length, width, thickness.

Alternatively you can fill out our online form or email enquiries@fernite.co.uk

Our range of CMB blades

We hold drawings for the following series of CMB granulator machines.

B1.5 MS20 MS22
MS30 MS33 MS34
MVL10 ML216610M

If your CMB machine isn't listed above

If your CMB granulator blades machine isn’t in our drawing database we can still manufacture from a sample or technical description, or if you are able to supply your own drawing.

As a specialist granulator blade manufacturer, we have the capability to develop bespoke products to suit all applications.

ISO 9001 Certified granulator blade manufacturer, made in sheffield, UK

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