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Our aim is to solve today’s problems and grow for tomorrow, which is why we want to hear about your granulator issues.

We have a wealth of experience and will do our best to improve your blade performance and efficiencies by extending production runs and the life of your blade.

Whilst others are looking for customers – we’re looking for long term partners.

Our friendly driver will visit your site, *collect your blades and return them to you with one of the most efficient services for granulator blade sharpening available in the UK today.
* Delivery & Collection service subject to your geographical location.

World class grinding technology, quality steels and expertise all mean that we supply market leading production in the plastic extrusion and processing industries.

Either meeting or exceeding OEM performance combining high quality with a competitive price.

A personal service, a ready supply and a proven record.

We make all shapes and sizes and offer the full range of materials and coatings.

Pelletisers, manufactured the Fernite Way!


Keeping your blades sharp will improve the overall efficiency of your process.

Sharp blades mean you can use less energy and get more through-put for the energy that you do use.

This saves time, money and is a greener, more efficient way of working.

Whether you need new pulveriser  blades or they need sharpening our expert team of grinders are able to help. 

We manufacture and sharpen pulveriser discs to OEM specification and will work with you to choose your optimum grinding angle for your material density and size reduction.

Fernite have been supporting the plastics, electronics waste and rubber processing industries for decades. During this time, we have learnt a great deal about the multitude of blades used in your industry and the many challenges you face.

Over the years, we’ve spent many, many hours listening to our customers, working with them to improve both blade life and performance.

Our flexibility and honest approach has enabled us, not only to develop as a centre of excellence, but also to help our customers grow, by improving efficiencies and removing the headaches associated with blade management.

Fernite understands your challenges, we’re friendly and always here to help, that’s the Fernite way!  

As granulators, shredders and pelletizers are amongst the most commonly used blades, we offer a wide variety of common and specially designed knives for them.

The life of a granulator blade life is a tough one. That’s why at Fernite, we use only quality steel from European accredited mills, manufacturing every blade with absolute precision. We manufacture to OEM specifications across a wide range of brands. We’ve a large catalogue of blade drawings, but we’re equally happy to create drawings from your samples, which we do free of charge. We’ll even sharpen your blades whilst we have them, so that you can keep your production going (charges apply).

If you don’t see the blade you’re looking for, please get in touch with our resident expert, Gary Coughlan.

Please contact Gary
to discuss your requirements

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Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield