High Quality Vegetable Cutting Blades

All types of vegetable blades for the catering industry, including standard and custom blades or cutting fresh and dried vegetables.

At Fernite we design and manufacture various vegetable cutting blades and knives for all leading machine systems. With efficiency crucial to the food processing sector, we supply knives which last longer, deliver a clean and precise cut, and extend production run times.

Fernite of Sheffield, are a name trusted within the food industry. Every Fernite knife is manufactured in the UK in our ISO9001 certified factory in Sheffield. Being a professional vegetable cutting blade manufacturer, we never compromise on material quality. We utilise only the finest European stainless steels, fully traceable and especially selected for the food industry.

Our Most Popular Vegetable Cutting Blades Are:

Potato chipper knives – Our safety potato chips machine cutting blades are designed for accurate cutting and slicing applications.

Vegetable peeler knives for all types of automatic vegetable peeling equipment.

Top / tail knives for onion cutter knives and peeler machines These knives are supplied in LH / RH pairs. Dependant on customer specification we can change the angle and thickness of a blade, also the number of holes within the blade.

Fernite supply and produce a wide range of other blades. We can manufacture to a drawing or sample. Additionally, our technical team can work with you to develop and manufacture a bespoke blades

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What are the main benefits of our vegetable cutting blades?

  • Rapid and accurate cutting
  • High durability and hardness
  • Manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel
  • Fast, flexible delivery

We work closely with you to ensure each knife meets your exact requirements.

We have a dedicated team of experts looking after our customers from the food industry, so please feel free to contact us also for any technical advice.

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