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Guillotine Blade Sharpening Service

Paper Cutting Guillotine Blade Sharpening

Restoring the ultimate sharpness of your blades

A blunt blade “pushes” paper instead of slicing it, resulting in poor quality edges, tearing and shredding paper when cutting. To achieve faultless quality of cut paper it is important to regularly check and sharpen the blades of mechanical paper cutting guillotines.

During the first stage of sharpening guillotine blades, our mechanics accurately remove all damage and grooves from a paper cutting guillotine blade. We have an extended database of paper cutting guillotine blade bevels, thus ensuring the required and precise positioning of the blade throughout the sharpening service. This enables us to take off only irregular areas (less than half of a millimetre or even less for tungsten carbide blades). Hence after the service, a guillotine blade has almost the same thickness and can sustain more grinding and sharpening cycles.

Then, to remove burr after machine grinding we use ‘oil stone’. We apply that stage only to Standard Steel and HSS guillotine blades. In general, we noticed, that Tungsten Carbide Blades are very sharp immediately after machine sharpening.

However, even if the blade is sharp, it can feel dull because the sharp edge has been pushed off to the side. To improve the geometry and texture of a surface we hone guillotine blades. To do this, we use a honing machine with 5 very fine grinding wheels. It is important, that although knife honing is an essential step, it will not repair even the smallest chip.

Finally, we check any invisible chips in the ready sharpened guillotine blade with a light paper. Our high quality sharpening service restores the cutting performance of your blades, offering a fast turnaround with a friendly, experienced service.

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Guillotine Blade Sharpening Service from fernite of Sheffield