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Quality UK Manufactured Machine Knives

Combining almost two centuries of traditional skill with advanced precision technologies, Fernite of Sheffield manufactures the world’s finest machine knives, blades and cutters. Fernite was established in 1832, now with 190 years of history in the Sheffield knife industry.

We use hand-picked, accredited European steel and the very best technology to maintain Fernite’s reputation as the UK’s preeminent manufacturer of machine knives. All our machine knives are manufactured in our own plant in Sheffield, England.

Our machine knives reflect not only our extensive years of experience, but the attention to detail and latest technology that we invest in our work.

We know that one of the biggest problems in using knives in a factory is longevity and durability. When creating machine knives, we create blades to last, so that your efficiency is not compromised. You can be confident that a Fernite of Sheffield blade is the very best blade you can buy.

Fast, Reliable Delivery

Fast, reliable delivery is also critical to our customers. We manufacture all our products onsite in our Sheffield factory. We also utilise our extensive steel stockholding facility to supply our process. Many competitors manufacture in the cheap economies and do not stock materials, so for them, reliable delivery can be a problem. On the contrary, Fernite offers reliable, short lead times and on-time delivery.

We produce knives for a variety of applications and needs. As well as straight and toothed machine knives, we also produce a wide range of bespoke machine knife solutions to solve our customers’ cutting problems. We manufacture blades with a variety of edges such as toothed, bevelled, angled, circular and straight. We tailor every aspect of the blade to your material and application.

Our knives are widely used across the world in many industries, including in food, textiles, tobacco, rubber, paper, plastics and building materials. With our long and wide-ranging experience in  machine knife production, we can identify the exact blades you need to get the very best out of your machinery. We create machine knives to last, whether for cutting soft materials or much harder substances.

Bespoke Machine Blades and Knives

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Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield

Bespoke blades and machine knives are a Fernite of Sheffield speciality. With years of experience in creating unique designs and sizes, we can help create exactly what you’re looking for from start to finish. We can also  fit your blades to any machine or model you might have.

Every Fernite of Sheffield machine knife and machine blade is manufactured here in our UK Sheffield plant and since we work with many of the world’s leading brands, Fernite machine knives and machine blades are used in many industries such as packaging, food production, converting, printing and plastics.

We can help protect your machine continuity and efficiency with the precision machine knives and blades you need, including:

  • Form-fill seal knives
  • Sack and bag-making knives
  • Wrapping and overwrapping blades
  • Shrink-wrapping knives
  • Tray packing knives
  • Converting knives
  • Special purpose cut-off knives
  • Tape-sealing knives
  • Pelletiser and granulator blades.

Using our extensive technical and production expertise, we work closely with our customers to support and improve their machine performance and efficiency.

Fernite of Sheffield is proud to be a leading UK manufacture of machine blades and knives. We will continue to uphold our fine heritage, reputation and our enduring relationships with customers globally.