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Serrated Knives UK

Serrated Knives UK

Fernite superior serrated knives or woodworking blades are in use worldwide and specified by companies seeking to maximize their productivity and obtain a high finish on the processed timber.

Care is exercised throughout our production procedures, particularly heat treatment and finish grinding to ensure uniform tools that will provide reliable quality of performance.

Produced on our precision CNC creep feed grinding equipment to give accurate dimensional tolerances, consistency of form and finish.

We offer the following steel qualities for optimum performance:

D2 Tool Steel (EN/DIN 1.2379) Quality tool steel suitable for soft timber.
M2 6.4%SW HSS (EN/DIN 1.3343) A premium grade HSS for general use.
T1 18%W HSS (EN/DIN 1.3355) Suitable for hardwoods because of its tolerance to high heat.
M3 Cl.2 HSS (EN/DIN 1.3344) With 2.9% V. giving increased wear resistance,
reducing overheating sensitivity and improving retention
of hardness.

Other economy grades of steels are available to order.
We stock a range of metric and imperial sizes in bar lengths that we offer cut to size and balanced.
We will produce bar lengths up to 36” to order.

Thin Cutterblock Knives: Precision ground
Offered in T1 HSS, other grades of steels are available to order.

Cutter Blanks for Spindle Moulding: As a standard specification we offer in M2 HSS (see above),
T1 HSS is also readily available.

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