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Quality Machine Knives for the Packaging Industry

Quality Machine Knives for the Packaging and Plastics industry - Fernite of Sheffield Ltd

Fernite are specialist manufacturers of machine knives for the packaging industry.

We work with some of the world’s leading household brands to develop and manufacture knives which improve the packaging process – from improving cutting performance to extending the lifespan of the knives to reduce costly downtime.

With ever greater pressures on the packaging industry for continuous operational performance, a flexible, responsive and reliable machine knives partner is an invaluable asset.

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Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield

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Our precision ground knives can help protect your machine continuity, reliability and efficiency.

Partnering packaging customers and distributors worldwide, our Made in Sheffield quality, flexible delivery and enduring support and advice keep your business ahead of the competition. We supply a vast selection of blades that are compatible with different machinery:  Belca, Bosch, Hayssen, Ilapak, Multivac, Siat, Ulma, and more. Also we manufacture packaging knives and blades for bespoke applications.

With every Fernite product manufactured in our ISO9001 certified Sheffield factory, we guarantee both exceptional blade quality and friendly, responsive customer service from our expert team.

Industrial Machine Knife Manufacturer, Fernite of Sheffield
We supply a wide range of precision machine knives for the packaging industry and blades for every stage of the packaging process: