Drum Dryer Blades

Fernite manufacture drum dryer blades for the largest of machines, up to 6m

Benefits of Fernite Drum Dryer Blades

  • Exceptional straightness
  • Chip and shatter resistant
  • High performance and long life
  • Precision ground constant edges
  • Long blades suit any machinery
  • Drum Dryer Blades with Custom Options

    • Wide range of bevel angles
    • Various shapes and dimensions
    • Custom number of holes and slots
    • Long Drum Dryer Blades available
    • Any quantity of blades available

    Why Choose our Drum Dryer Blades?

    Drum Dryer blades require a consistent, perfectly straight edge to ensure even scraping across the surface of the drum. Fernite manufacture drum dryer blades with higher precision in our ISO9001 certified purpose built factory on the outskirts of Sheffield, UK.

    With decades of knowledge and expertise, Fernite have the capability to manufacture to a wide range of OEM specifications, plus we have the knowledge and ability to create bespoke blades.

    We deliver accurate and highly durable scraper blades which support continuous production and higher plant efficiency.

    Accurate and Durable Drum Dryer Blades?

    We deliver accurate and highly durable scraper blades which support continuous production and higher plant efficiency.

    To ensure the best performance from each knife, Fernite use only the highest quality steels available, and manufacture drum dryer blades using the very latest precision grinding technology to ensure a consistent edge every time. 

    Whether the blade is being used to produce powders, cereal products, starches and pulps, or other dried foods, Fernite will work closely with you to deliver blades which suit your exact requirements. For usage in the food industry, where water is present in the production process,  or for processing salts or corrosive materials, we recommend to use stainless steel.

    Increased Drum Dryer Blade Life For Significant Long-Term Savings

    As with every Fernite product, our drum dryer blades are built to perform, to last and of course, every drum dryer blade is manufactured exclusively at our own Sheffield remises

    Our Sheffield factory is ISO 9001 certified – the internationally recognised sign of assured quality. Fernite continuously invest in both our technology and our team, ensuring we are always producing to the very highest standards in quality and efficiency.

    By manufacturing every blade in our own UK factory, we retain control over the entire production process, which is why we deliver quickly and directly.

    Partner with a responsive, reliable partner.

    Do you have problems finding high quality, robust and long-lasting steel blades? Perhaps you need a blade that’s perfectly tailored for your machines? If so, please give us a call. We are always happy to help.

    We produce drum dryer blades manufactured exactly to your specifications, with a friendly, reliable service.

    drum dryer blades from Fernite of Sheffield, Fernite product range

    Case Study - Upgrade of a Drum Dryer Scraper Blade

    An existing customer at their new site was experiencing issues with scraper blade performance and durability. The blade was failing to clean the drum on each revolution, leading to a build-up of product on the drum, adversely effecting efficiency and blade life.

    After a site visit, investigation and discussions, it was identified that the scraper blade was not of the correct material or design for the operation and a full blade redesign was proposed. 

    1. Redesign the blade, by increasing the blade thickness making the blade more rigid; remove the existing slots in the blade which were causing the blade to lift off the drum.

    2. Change the bevel angle on the blade to allow the material to come away from the drum much cleaner and falls away from the drum much better.

    3. Upgrade from Carbon steel to stainless steel avoiding the risk of rust contamination in the product. 


    Outcome of the Drum Dryer Blade Upgrade

    Since the above actions were implemented, the drum is completely clean on each pass of the blade, as a result a vast improvement in efficiency and durability has been seen. This means that the time between blade changes has increased from every 2-3 months to every 6-12 months reducing machine downtime and associated costs significantly.

    There has also been a major Health and Safety benefit as the operator no longer needs to use a manual hand tool to remove the excess product missed by the old blade, with a full safety cage being designed and installed.

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    Buy Quality, precision made scraper blades from Fernite of Sheffield, Fernite product range

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    Buy UK Manufactured scraper blades and drum dryer blades by Fernite of Sheffield Ltd

    Our blades help to increase production run times, whilst also  avoiding costly damage to machinery.

    Made in Sheffield, UK
    High quality 420 Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel, sourced and fully traceable from European suppliers.

    We Manufacture and Sharpen OEM Drum Dryer Blades.