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Professional Blade Sharpening Service from Fernite of Sheffield

7 day blade sharpening service - Fernite of sheffield

Keeping your blades sharp will improve the overall efficiency of your process. Sharp blades mean you use less energy and get more through-put for the energy that you do use. This saves time, money and is a greener, more efficient way of working.

A dull blade is also more prone to suffering larger chipping or breakages, which can reduce, or even end the life of your blade as well as potentially causing significant and expensive damage to your machine if the blades break-up whilst the granulator is running.

We will maximise blade life and optimise performance whilst ensuring we remove the minimum amount of material to achieve this. Therefore, extending your blade life, whilst maintaining product through-put.

Our friendly driver will visit your site, collect your blades and return them to you sharpened within 7 days of the original collection. If you send your blades to us, we will have them ready within 1 week of receipt at our Sheffield factory.

When received, we inspect your blades and sharpen, taking off minimal material or sharpen them to your exact instructions. Our experienced operators sharpen the blades on the same precision engineering equipment used to manufacture new ones.

Easy to deal with, for fast & friendly services. 

Blades sharpened the Fernite way!

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Granulator Blade Sharpening - Restore the Cutting Performance of Your Blades
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Fernite are very easy to deal with especially when we require a prompt 7 day turnaround of granulator blade regrinds.