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Mixer Scraper Knives

Knives with precision ground edges and exceptional straightness

We manufacture mixer scraper knives that blend food particles to an exceptionally smooth paste under vacuum processing. For example, during chocolate ganache, processed cheesed, purees, mayonnaise, or ketchup production.

In spite mixing is only a small step in the total process, it performs a vital function. The mixer must be capable of dispersing all ingredients to ensure a uniform consistency and high viscosity. That is why here at Fernite, we learn about the production processes before manufacturing blades or knives and create them according to each application.

To prevent the mixture from sticking to the knives and maximise machine efficiency, we use only superior grade of stainless steel and mirror finish the knives. Being an ISO9001 certified factory we always follow strictest international standards and requirements in our knives and blades manufacturing.

Superior grade of stainless steel for high performance and long life

Our most popular grade for scraper blades is AISI 420 (1.4034), but we can also offer grade 410 (1.4024) or alternative specifications if required. Importantly, all steel used in blades manufacturing is fully traceable and sourced from Europe.

Fernite blades are suitable for a wide range of production machinery including those manufactured by:

  • GUSU
  • Stephan
  • Seimi
  • Tecno 3
  • Hamburg Dresdner
  • Chocoma
  • Loynds

Additionally, we can also produce bespoke or customised blades and knives.

Chip and shatter resistant mixer scraper knives to blend food

We can manufacture blades with a wide range of bevel angles to suit any requirements. Fernite supply to OEMs, large food producers and smaller suppliers.

From an annual contract to a short run of bespoke blades, Fernite can provide any quantities you require.
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