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Bosch Machine Blade

UK manufactured packaging knives for Bosch machine blades

Bosch blades which keep your production process running for longer – manufactured in an ISO9001 certified UK factory. 

Bosch packaging machines are relied upon by some of the world’s biggest brands – and knives are a critical component. 

Fernite work with Bosch machine blade operators to deliver high quality knives which ensure a clean, precise cut every time, longer run times and significant long-term savings. 

Bosch machine knives manufactured to OEM specification or modified to suit customer need. 

Fernite of Sheffield manufactures and supplies high-quality precision Bosch blades in standard forms and sizes or to your own precise specifications. Like every machine blade produced by us, our Bosch machine blades are crafted from the finest steel you can buy, assuring you of robust, long-lasting blades that cut precisely and perfectly every time.

A UK manufacturer with a global reach

Proud to serve many major global brands, we also guarantee top quality service and support to every customer. We’re not simply manufacturers or suppliers of machine knives and blades , we value every customer and work closely with them, ensuring that we provide products and services that match their requirements.

No matter what the application or requirements, we will work with you to deliver every durable, high-efficiency Bosch blade you need within remarkably short lead times.

The Bosch blade is in high demand worldwide and we aim to supply the best quality Bosch blade for your needs.

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