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Rovema Knife

Vertical Form Fill Knife for Rovema Packaging Machine - Made in the UK

Fernite of Sheffield supplies various models of industrial Rovema blade.

To meet your particular requirements the blades are available in many dimensions, shapes and tooth form. Our Rovema blades are reliable to cut polypropylene, paper packaging material with water-soluble sealing emulsion, PLA film, and PET/aluminum composite. Food packaging companies all around the world confidently use Rovema machines for different applications.

Modern packaging and food production industries depend on continuous, efficient and effective performance. That is why it’s essential that their machine knives are robust, high quality and made to exact specifications.

Fernite of Sheffield manufactures long-life machine knives which deliver a clean, precise cut.  We work closely with you, our customer, developing every Rovema form fill knife you need to keep your machines performing at its best. Every blade is manufactured in our own ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility on state-of-the-art CNC machinery.  Fernite is committed to exceptional customer service, short lead times and on-time delivery.

Whether you are a global operator or a small independent business, Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal machine blade partner.

We give each customer these vital assurances:

  • Every blade is made in our purpose-built ISO9001 certified Sheffield factory.
  • We only utilise the finest quality fully traceable European steel.
  • We invest in the latest manufacturing technology for superior, precision made products –  manufactured to your exact specifications.