tray seal knives from an ISO9001 certified UK manufacturer

Tray Seal Knives from ISO9001 certified manufacturer

Fernite specialise in manufacturing cutting knives used in tray sealing machines. Also known as ‘tray sealing knives’ or ‘Tray seal knives’ these knives can be used to cut film, foil, and plastics in the food and packaging industry.

We manufacture tray seal knives at our ISO9001 certified factory in Sheffield to the most exact tolerances. We can manufacture any type of knife you require to strict OEM standards. Supplied to the world’s greatest brands, Fernite blades have been developed to increase production run times and deliver clean, precise cutting time and time again.

Our tray seal knives are manufactured from wear resistant food grade stainless steel to handle the impact of repeatable use and at high temperatures.

Essentially for any machine builder our tray knives have the same profile every time, so they easily fit in the machine. Thus, companies all around the world have high precision, strong and durable Fernite’s tray seal knives.

Benefits of Fernite’s tray seal knives

  • Our precision grinding technology ensures sharp and constant tooth form with an exceptional straightness every time.
  • We can manufacture tray seal knives up to 70 mm high.

Manufacturing features

  • ! No excess weld on the surface after the two ends of the mould are welded together, as the seam is polished away.
  • ! No step in the tooth form, as we are carefully weld the correct apex of the tooth.
  • Special detail for tear tabs can be designed and added on custom request.

Tray seal knives options

Fernite can manufacture a wide range of tray knives with tooth profiles to suit customer requirements. Our range includes:

  • Multi-tray knives.
  • Custom shapes /sizes for individual products. These special forms can be created for special moulds, like a tree at Christmas, a bunny at Easter, or anything else.

Mounting options

  • We can make Tray seal knives with slots as required around the tray sides.
  • Alternatively, we can add a mounting plate with screw holes for ease of mounting.
  • Otherwise, mounting luges at the knife sides can be added for ease of assembly into your machine.

Fast turnaround times and reliable worldwide shipping available.  

Fernite supply to OEMs, large food, and packaging businesses as well as SMEs and artisanal producers. From an annual contract to a short run of bespoke tray seal knives, Fernite can provide quantities you require and when you require at a great price!

Please read more information about Fernite’s tray sealing knives on the dedicated page.