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New acquisition of Blackfriars by Fernite

Recently, Blackfriars – OEM experts in granulator machine technology and systems has also become a part of the Fernite Group.

Now the Fernite Group includes Fernite LtdMastercut Cutting Systems LtdBSS Steel Spring SteelA F Whiteley Granulator BladesPrint Blade, and Blackfriars.

The Fernite Group customers can benefit not only from machine knives and blades, but also improve their granulator production lines. Therefore, installed systems can operate to the desirable requirements.

Having a long and proud history of manufacturing high-quality machines for the reduction and recycling markets, Blackfriars brings experience and new technology to the Fernite Group. 

Also, Blackfriars have engineering skills and extensive facilities to design bespoke customised systems, that is a truly unique offering that many customers require.

Blackfriars size reduction machines are used in various markets:

  • Plastic Production and Recycling
  • Rubber Bale
  • Rubber Recycling
  • Security Destruction
  • Waste Recycling

Blackfriars can arrange tests and demonstrations of all granulators on their product range.

Whether you need a rebuild of existing equipment to a full turn key or manufacture a bespoke design solution, Blackfriars are willing to assist with any size reduction project of any material.

We’ll find a solution that works for you!

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