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New starts

Welcome to the Fernite Blog!

It is difficult to know where, when or how to start something new, however we have decided to start our new Blog by announcing a new role at Fernite.

It is important that you, as a customer, feel and take advantage of our core values. We strive to give a fast reliable delivery, premium made-in-Sheffield quality and a blade development service.
A desire to continuously improve and to accelerate the delivery of benefits has led us to create a new role, focussed solely on improving the way we make your orders.

Ian Wood has joined Fernite as our Production Engineer. Ian has a fabulous track record of improving grinding and manufacturing operations and is already having a big impact. The Lean programme has the potential to improve all aspects of the service you feel. Ian is starting by reviewing the way your orders are made and the environment they are made in. This should deliver you a better delivery, the right quality and allow pricing to remain competitive.

We will keep you posted as to Ian’s progress, so watch this space.

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