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Sheffield Shims - High Quality Grade 301 Stainless Shim Packs

NEW PRODUCT: High Quality Stainless Shims

Fernite are proud to launch a new brand of shim packs- SHEFFIELD SHIMS – which are available to buy online through our dedicated online shop. 

As engineers and manufacturers ourselves, we’ve developed our shim packs with a range of practical benefits which make using the product simple, safe and easy. 

Shim Packs developed with precision, safety, ease of use and longevity in mind.

Supplied in assorted packs of 7 thicknesses (from 0.05mm to 0.5mm), Sheffield shims are designed to be safe to handle and easy to use. 

Sheffield Shims feature rounded corners as an additional safety benefit, and each item is clearly marked with the thickness for ease of identification. 

Stainless Steel for wear and corrosion resistance

Manufactured from high quality 301 stainless steel, Sheffield Shims can be used outdoors, or in situations where the shim comes into contact with corrosive substances.

Compared with standard mild steel shim stock, 301 is more resistant to wear, and using 301 stainless steel avoids the pitting and corrosion which can occur when non stainless material comes into contact with liquids. This makes Sheffield Shims suitable for outdoor use or where corrosive substances are present. 

Named after our hometown – and the birthplace of stainless steel – Sheffield Shims are high quality, precision manufactured shims suitable for all engineering applications. Every shim is manufactured in the UK, by a skilled production team, in an ISO9001:2015 certified factory. 

Ideal for any engineering application, Sheffield Shims are available to buy online with FREE UK SHIPPING.

Click the button below to visit our dedicated online store – www.sheffieldshims.co.uk