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Acquisition of Mastercut by Fernite

We are delighted to announce that, Fernite of Sheffield has acquired Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd Mastercut is a precision engineering company specialising in the manufacture of industrial Machine Knives and Blades. Mastercut also provides an extensive professional sharpening service of either Standard or Tungsten or HSS industrial knives with various dimensions.

This acquisition provides Fernite with additional capacity and equipment, as well as extra skilled workers. However mainly, it improves customer choice by increasing the product range we can offer to include an extensive range of shredder blocks, shear blades, guillotine knives, knives for the industrial looms and various models of ledger blades.

Fernite already manufacture and supply an extensive range of machine knives and blades to suit the paper, plastics, and food industries. The Mastercut brand is yet another step forward enabling Fernite to improve their technology, increase production levels, broaden the variety of knives and technical drawings for the metal, textile, and plastic recycling sector.

This strategic expansion extends Fernite production facilities and increases their market share of existing and new business. But most importantly, Fernite customers can now enjoy an even greater range of knives and blades for many industries.