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Vegetable Peeler Knives

Perfect peeling with Fernite peeler knives

Peeler knives for all automatic vegetable peeling equipment

Vegetable peeler knives manufactured for all automatic vegetable peeling machines.

With production efficiency being crucial to the food processing sector, we supply vegetable peeler knives which last longer, deliver a clean and precise cut and extend your production run times.

What makes our peeler knives different? We never compromise on material quality, using only the finest food grade stainless steel available.

We manufacture every knife in our ISO9001 certified UK factory, equipped with precision grinding technology and staffed by a highly skilled team.

We work closely with you, ensuring every peeler knife meets your exact requirements.

Get in touch for a  fast quote today. Discover how Fernite can help you get more from your peeler knives.

Fernite onion peeler knives manufactured from food grade stainless steel

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