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Fernite Familay Day

Fernite beats the heat!

It was a real joy to see everybody chatting and enjoying food at our summer family event at Fernite’s ground at Dorehouse Business Park last Saturday.

Another of Fernite’s outings enabled informal conversations between all team members and their families. Gathering together in a fun and casual atmosphere helped us to get more comfortable and relaxed in the company’s environment.

First, all visitors had an exciting tour around the factory. Fernite’s Factory Manager, Paul Webster, told us about various steels we stock and their main applications, how doctor blades for the printing industry are used on many colourful printed wrappings and boxes we see every day. It was interesting to look at the granulator blades, that process our domestic plastic waste inside plastic recycling machinery. But the food packaging knives caused the greatest number of questions and discussions! It was educating for everyone in the team and to our partners to learn about the products we offer across all our divisions.

At the end of the tour everybody had a chance to test the laser engraving technology at Fernite. This time our computer guided laser service produced its incredibly accurate results to reflect kids’ projects! We had plenty of happy faces watching with fascination as their ideas became etched onto Fernite’s samples. It was a real pleasure to show to our family and friends all the products and services that Fernite of Sheffield offer.

A tasty barbeque in the warm summer sunshine, drinks, and good music brought everybody together. Our kids had a great time playing on a bouncy castle and striking goals in football goalposts. It was a lovely afternoon and a great way to get to know each other better.

Raffle tables filled with prizes attracted and excited the families. Some of them won very exciting presents!

In the middle of our event, an ice cream van turned up, and a proper summer feast began! The company organised for everybody to choose his or her favourite treat from the broad variety.

This event gave us a great opportunity to learn new things about each other. Thank you to all who have been there and had helped us to develop into a successful business. Our family day created stronger bonds among us, helping us to achieve even more success for Fernite and for us.

There are more photos on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fernitesheff

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