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Fernite Away Day – Farm Adventures

Our Fernite Away Day dawned on a wet and windy Friday morning, but no problem, the forecast was for 19° and sun. So we set-off to Ripon for a Farm Adventure. 

Following the long and winding road cross country to our Farm Adventure, we arrived and yes, it was still raining, in fact, strong winds and horizontal rain, never mind, our apps still shows that it’s really 19° and sunny.

All the team arrived and following a quick cuppa, a thorough health and safety briefing, then everyone donned their boots, wellies and coats and we were off.  Straight into Tractor Driving, Sheep Gathering, Pig Herding, Welly Wanging, Egg Throwing and the Farm Olympics. Still raining and windy, but never fear, the app forecast is still 19° and sun, so we’re all good.

Congratulations to Ben, Mark, Marc, Nicole, Gary & Karol, for their stunning victory and being the worthy recipients of the Glass Boot Trophy.

The day finished with a farmer’s barbecue plus the obligatory refreshments, including some aptly named ‘Black Sheep’. 
A great away day and an excellent team building experience, but how do we better it next year? All sensible suggestions considered.

Thank you.