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Our great farm adventures!

Last Friday we went on our corporate team building activity outing to Farm Adventure in the North Yorkshire. Everyone in our team was delighted to get together in the open air, out of work environment. We all enjoyed hilarious activities set in a beautiful location.

What a brilliant Ultimate Farmer experience we all had!

Each of us drove a real John Deere tractor – that was fabulous!  Experiences of managing animals brought plenty of laughter and smiles to our faces. We all enjoyed working in small teams, guiding a herd of pigs around obstacles, and directing flocks of sheep through gates.

We loved the incredible Farmers Olympics with jumping over hay bales, milking a model cow, egg catching, crawling activities, and wellie wanging. Plenty of great memories about the farm stayed in our hearts and the name of Fernite stands proudly near the top of the visitors leader board!

A tasty evening BBQ and overnight stay in a luxury renovated barn with a wood burning stove made our trip unforgettable.

Our farm adventures brought us together in new and memorable ways.  We strengthened our personal connections and inspired new ideas, created stronger partnerships for achieving mutual success and developed even greater pride in our company.