Family Fun Day 2023

Last Saturday, Fernite hosted its Annual Summer Family Fun Day, the 2nd at our Orgreave Road site.

Starting with the children playing on a bouncy castle, with parents and guardians enjoying themselves in friendly banter, testing their skill with a game of giant Jenga. It was great to see everyone getting together enjoying lunch and a cold drink in the sun.

Our very own Keith Rowland took charge of the barbecue, skilfully preparing Boerewors, South African Sausage, providing us with an authentic South African BBQ flavour, followed by a selection of ice cream. To add to the excitement, a raffle table filled with exciting goodies captured the attention of the onlookers, particularly the children, creating an air of excitement.

Once our appetites were satisfied, we were treated to a guided tour of the factory, visitors finding out first-hand what Fernite does on a day-to-day basis, in our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit.

A great time was had by all, socialising and learning about the company, it was now time for the raffle. Anticipation filled the air as the raffle numbers were drawn from the obligatory Tupperware container and the lucky winners came forward to claim their prizes, some not just once or twice, you know who you are! When the prizes were all distributed, it was back to the bouncy castle for the children and back under the awning out of the sun for the adults, to finish off the last of the sausages and the remaining beverages.  

All in all, another successful Family Fun Day, we’re already thinking what we can do for next years event.
Thanks to everyone for all their hard work in making the day possible.

See you next year everyone!

Fernite family fun day 2023
Fernite family fun day 2023