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PrintBlade Doctor Blades


Specialist High Quality Doctor Blades.

It may not be the costliest element in the printing process, but doctor blades can be the most critical. This is where the Fernite PrintBlade range excels.

The UK manufactured doctor blade - PrintBlade by Fernite

Doctor blades are relatively low cost item, but have a massive impact on the production process. High quality doctor blades are the only way to achieve a consistent ink distribution. Selecting our top quality Doctor Blades, manufactured in the UK under brand name PrintBlade, would  optimise your process with high quality and durability plus give you a reliable and flexible UK supply partner. 

In addition, manufacturing all our blades, cutters and knives in-house means that the Fernite team have maximum control over the production process, enabling us to build and hold excellent stocks.

High quality doctor blades with efficient, friendly service

We use the best steel and manufacture to the highest quality in Sheffield. We work to ensure that nicks, corrosion and fatigue are kept to the very minimum. We ensure that your doctor blades are durable, accurate and built with your needs in mind. Our blades are manufactured with options for a round edge, bevel edge and lamella edge that are all made with industry standard guidelines.

We know that time and efficiency is important to your business which is why supply our blades cut to the exact measurements needed. We provide our blades in two ways to suit you and your business: we provide cut-to-order lengths so you can install and use your doctor blades as soon as your receive them so you can ensure that your press will be running to the highest quality as quickly as possible.

Made from the highest quality steel and completely manufactured on our specialist Sheffield production line, PrintBlade is available with the industry standard profiles: Lamella edge, bevel edge and round edge.

The Fernite of Sheffield steel stockholding operation enables us to shorten production times and deliver the regular, reliable and efficient service that feeds your bottom line.

We understand every manufacturer’s pressing need to cut machine downtime and the particular continuity challenges involved in printing large volumes and designs. The Fernite PrintBlade range offers two excellent solutions to minimise your downtime risk:

  • we supply PrintBlade in continuous coil, cut onsite to any lengths and quantities you need
  • we’ll supply PrintBlade in full cut-to-order lengths, reducing or eliminating any need for onsite cutting so you can load the PrintBlade as soon as you receive it.

For the finest doctor blades, support and service on the global market, email us: enquiries@fernite.co.uk or call us today

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For more information including technical specifications, please visit our dedicated printblade website.