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Like all Fernite products, our circular cutters are made from the very best accredited steel found in Europe.

Fernite knives and blades are produced in Sheffield, the UK’s world famous steel city, at our state of the art ISO9001 accredited factory. We produce a number of different cutters – and cater for a range of different customers. As our products are some of the very best on the market you can ensure that your cutters are produced to be extremely durable, and stay incredibly accurate.


Here at Fernite, we produce blades that perform time after time no matter what your industry.

We produce circular cutters for a wide range of industries and applications including food, converting, rubber and metal. We also produce for plastic, cloth, carpeting, paper and a wide range of abrasive material. Our products are built for long life, and the quality of our steel ensures that it is a perfect solution to cutting hard materials or multiple batches at once. Also, we ensure our products are of the highest standard.

Supplying cutters in a wide range of thicknesses, blades and sizes, we often create bespoke solutions for clients needs. We work with our clients, offering great customer service to ensure we deliver the best circular cutters. Also, we produce blades that not only cut but are made for perforating, scoring, slitting and multiple other applications with huge range of blade edges to do so.

Experts in the field

We’re experts in a wide range of circular blades. This includes core, burst or industrial circular razor knife blades which are extremely sharp for straight cutting difficult materials. We also offer ‘score slitting’ or ‘crush cut’ blades which are used to perforate materials. We even produce ‘rotary shear slitter’ blades which work in opposite directions to cut your project.

Therefore, our cutters are one of the best on the market because of the quality of our steel. Not only this, but our manufacturing process which is routed in 180 years in the Sheffield knife industry. Our attention to detail in working with the latest technologies and products on the market is of the highest standard. With this in mind, Fernite was established in 1932 and are experts in producing quality steel circular cutters for a variety of industries.

Our products

Finally, renowned for great flexibility, responsive working partnerships and first-rate quality and reliability, Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal supplier of precision machine blades for the paper and print industry, including:

circular cutters and perforators

doctor blades

toothform knives

splice knives

tucker and folder blades

ink duct blades

trimmer blades

sheeter blades

polyurethane-faced gripper blades.


As well as this, we work with you to meet your own specifications and workflow.  In doing so, we manufacture your products with world-class expertise and precision in our Sheffield plant. We are proud to be recognised for our excellent level of customer service too.


Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal Circular Cutters manufacturer. Therefore, be sure to enquire today!

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