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Hero of the month, October 2022, it's the Fernite way

Ryan Waterhouse from BSS is our special Hero of the Month, March 2022

It was a hard month for all of us, but an exciting one. Growing together as a team, we developed a strong desire to improve our customer support and turnaround times even further. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Fernite achieved a significant rise in productivity, which has helped us to reach our targets.

This month we would like to select a special Hero of the Month: Ryan Waterhouse. Ryan works in our BSS steel department, where he operates the laser machine for slitting steel from coil into smaller lengths and shearing steel into smaller widths. Ryan swapped to the night shift to increase capacity on our laser machine and had to put in overtime to accomplish what we needed.

Thank you, Ryan, for your incredible dedication and effort! Your commitment to your work is helping to lead Fernite to ever more success.