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Hero of the month, October 2022, it's the Fernite way

Fantastic efforts from 3 heroes in February 2022!

Fernite run a company-based prize ‘The winner of the month’ that is awarded to a member who has achieved a remarkable service over the previous month.

In February, we have selected three heroes as it was impossible to only pick one due to the fantastic efforts from them all. These guys have demonstrated a positive working attitude and shown behaviours that are in line with the company values.

Jordan Hunt came out of hours to assist setting up the machine to ensure product lines keep running. Thank you, Jordan, for being someone Fernite can rely on!

Our apprentice Joe Weatherstone has shown true dedication to support Fernite’s team. Without any help from anyone else, he organised all grinding wheels in the storage, so other operators find them more easily. Thank you, Joe, for your commitment! Your effort is deeply appreciated.

Mason Kirk made sure he was always clean, tidy, and every time put tooling into the right area. Thank you, Mason, for being a positive influence!

Many thanks Jordan, Joe, and Mason for being your best every day. The success of Fernite would not be possible without you.

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