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Hero of the month, October 2022, it's the Fernite way

May’s Hero of the Month is Nathan Black

May brought us a lot of enquiries, with several interesting new jobs to be designed and manufactured. All our team members were supportive and determined to do their jobs well! With great difficulty we had to choose only one Hero of the Month. Our Hero of May 2022 is Nathan Black!

Nathan has demonstrated a fantastic work ethic during May. He showed great dedication to his work and achieved outstanding results, by focussing intensely on the tasks he has been assigned.

During April, Nathan has significantly improved his skill set with the training he has been provided. Nathan is now comfortable undertaking our more complicated processes and, due to unforeseen absences, he has also taken the initiative to operate more than one machine at once. He has demonstrated a high level of confidence, without having to involve his team leader.

Meanwhile, Nathan always ensures that his area in the workshop is clean and tidy, maximizing both efficiency and safety.

Well done, Nathan, great work! Your skills helped you to organise your individual work and, furthermore, made work easier for others.

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