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Merry Christmas Everyone!

We have already started the Christmas season!! Just had our office Christmas party and woke up to the white winter ground next morning! It was lovely – proper feel of winter. The great festive season has started for us with a fantastic party in an enormous, privately rented hall with a Christmas tree in the corner and wild animals looking at us!

It is often said that Christmas is a family time, bringing relatives and friends together, so we also had our Christmas event together with our partners. It was a brilliant chance to get to know each other better in a setting that was fun and pleasant. We had a very warm and inspiring gathering, plenty of smiles and laughter, good memories and exciting plans.

We all enjoyed fun together playing pool and darts. We even had a master class from our pros. Just look at the pictures and videos of these good shots! Christmas songs and music kept the atmosphere festive and delightful, bringing out holly and jolly.

Plenty of wine and food calmed down everybody for the lovely break and chat at the tables. Being away from the office and with different scenery allowed everyone to relax and enjoy themselves, without the potential stress and deadlines from work.

We all loved the informal communication. It was greatly beneficial to everyone, letting us all de-stress after our very hard year, adapting to working from home restrictions and moving the factory to our new address. Now we are looking forward to meeting again in the office environment with great motivations for the coming year.

There are more photos and videos from our Christmas party on our Facebook page.