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Have you got a cutting problem to solve?

Have you encountered a cutting problem? Could your processes be improved by changing your machine knives?

Fernite can help improve performance and efficiency by manufacturing custom knives, specifically designed around your process.

While we have an extensive database of drawings for thousands of knife applications, more and more customers are requiring bespoke solutions to provide optimum cutting performance.

That’s what Fernite’s Blade Development Service is all about.

We’ll work with you to design, develop, test and manufacture the knife that suits your exact requirements.

Whether your existing blades aren’t delivering the performance you need, or whether you require a new design for a specific application, Fernite’s Blade Development Service can help you improve:

Cutting performance: A combination of expert knowledge, state of the art technology and the finest quality materials mean we can produce a blade designed to cut the exact material specified.
Blade life: Our steel experts can identify the right grade, structure, hardness and condition to make your bespoke blade keep cutting for longer. We can develop blades with a range of coatings if required.
Lead time: As we manufacture every product in our Sheffield factory, we have control over the entire production process. If you need your new knife developed quickly, Fernite can help.

We pride ourselves on taking on the challenges that other machine knife companies won’t attempt.
If you have a cutting problem to solve – no matter how big or how small – give us a call on 0114 244 0527 for an initial discussion about your requirements and how we can help.

Some of our recent successes have included:

  • Developing a new set of blades to cleanly and quickly cut thick cardboard in a packaging plant.
  • Working with an international engineering company who required improve performance in cutting technical fibres. Fernite worked closely with the customer to develop, test and manufacture a custom blade which delivered the required improvements to cutting performance, and met the high expectations of this market-leading company.
  • Working with a new customer who had been experiencing quality issues from their previous machine knife supplier to develop a superior product manufactured from a more suitable grade and condition of steel.
  • Working with a small food processing company who required new blades to replace an inefficient wire-cutting process.
  • Designing and manufacturing a new set of custom blades to improve cutting performance and durability for a major packaging company.

If you are experiencing a cutting issue, or want to improve the performance of your existing machine knife setup then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution.

Call Nick Wright on 0114 244 0527 or email nick.wright@fernite.co.uk