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Nicole Stuart – BSS Customer Service

Nicole Stuart – BSS Customer Service

The Fernite Questionnaire: –

What do you like about Fernite?  

We work as a team to provide a good service to our customers.

What is your favourite quote?  

What goes around, comes around.

What is your favourite holiday destination?  


Which super-hero would you like to be and why? 

I would love to be the invisible woman, so I could disappear and play jokes on my friends and family!

If you could pick anything to be really good at what would it be?

I would love to be able to sing.

What is your favourite day trip?  

I enjoy going to zoos.

What are your hobbies & a bit about them?

I enjoy gardening, listening to music and cooking.

What is your favourite drink?  


What do you dream of?  

Winning the lottery to be able to buy my Mum’s house.

What things do you like?  

I love animals, Robbie Williams and making people happy.

What do you dislike? 

Discrimination, peas and ignorant people.