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Doctor Blades Manufacturer

100% UK Manufactured Doctor Blades

Renowned for great flexibility, responsive working partnerships and first-rate quality and reliability, Fernite of Sheffield are a specialist doctor blade manufacturer. doctor blades range is supplied worldwide to flexographic and rotogravure printers, and is available in a range of grades, thicknesses and edge profiles. Fernite are also an ideal supplier of precision machine blades for the paper and print industry, including:

  • Circular Cutters and Perforators
  • Toothform Knives
  • Splice Knives
  • Tucker and Folder Blades
  • Ink Duct Blades
  • Trimmer Blades
  • Sheeter Blades
  • Polyurethane-faced Gripper Blades.

PrintBlade Doctor Blades

PrintBlade is the UK manufactured doctor blade, supplied to leading names in the printing industry worldwide.

Manufactured by Fernite of Sheffield Ltd, every PrintBlade product is made in the UK in our 
ISO9001 certified factory,  using only the highest quality European steel.

For more information please visit our dedicated PrintBlade website

What is a Doctor Blade?

Doctor blades are utilised in the print industry. They are an essential component which ensure a quality finish, conserve ink and protect delicate, essential parts of your printing setup. Doctor blades are used by 2 methods in particular.  Rotogravure (gravure), and Flexographic (flexo) printing. The doctor blade meters (controls) the amount of liquid ink that is deposited on a printing cylinder. 

The word Doctor is thought to come from Germany, where it was first called a “Ductor Blade”, which means to draw across a surface.

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