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Circular Blades for Plastics and Rubber recycling

At Fernite of Sheffield we manufacture and supply a variety of Circular Blades for Plastics and Rubber recycling, these are known as circular knives. If you have any process cutting different densities of rubber, please get in touch.

To ensure optimum cutting performance and longer lasting blades, we only use the highest quality materials, manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified Sheffield factory. Our circular blades for cutting rubber and plastic are available in a variety of grades to suit your individual processes, please call us to discuss which circular blade works best for you.

Customer Service Support

Our customer service team are happy to help with any technical advice and we can even visit your site if deemed to be necessary.  We supply circular blades and knives manufactured to your precise requirements, customisable hole, quantities and diameter.

Hardness available range 40 to 70 HRC. Supplied with or without specialist coatings.

Fernite can also manufacture circular blades for various other industries.

  • Paper cutting circular knives.
  • Metal cutting circular slitter blades.
  • Circular dished knives for textile cutting.

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Gary Coughlan - plastics and rubber recycling specialist for Fernite of Sheffield
circular blades for cutting rubber and plastics from Fernite of Sheffield