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Deborah Homer – Accounts

Deborah Homer – Accounts

The Fernite Questionnaire: –

What do you like about Fernite?

Everybody knows everyone else well

What is your favourite quote? 

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

What is your favourite holiday destination?


Which super-hero would you like to be and why ?

Dr Dolittle –  So that I can talk to the animals.

If you could pick anything to be really good at what would it be and why?

 I would like to be good at art so that I could draw all the beautiful things around us.

What is your favourite day trip?

A walk in the countryside.

What are your hobbies & a bit about them?

Embroidery, gardening and I like to grow my own vegetables.

What is your favourite drink?


What do you dream of?

Owning a house with a swimming pool.

What things do you like?


What do you dislike?

Noisy people.