Rovema Blade

Rovema Packaging Machine Knives - Manufactured in the UK

Fernite of Sheffield manufacture long-life machine knives which deliver a clean, precise cut. 

Trusted by the world’s leading brands, Fernite of Sheffield supplies the industrial Rovema blade in any dimension, shape and tooth form to meet your particular machine requirements.

Because today’s packaging and food production industries depend on continuous, efficient and effective machine performance, it’s essential that their machine knives are robust, high quality and made to exacting specifications.

At Fernite of Sheffield, we work closely with you, our customer, developing every Rovema blade you need to keep your machines performing to the max. Every blade is manufactured in our own Sheffield plant from the finest steel available. In tandem with advanced CNC technology, our engineers’ years of expertise and experience is further supported by the Fernite commitment to exceptional customer service, short lead times and on-time delivery.

Whether you are a global operator or a small independent firm, Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal machine blade partner and we look forward to your call.

Packaging Machine Knives and Packaging Machine Blades are used across many industries including Packaging Industry, Food Production and Food Packaging Industry, for applications such as Crisp Packaging, Cereal Packaging, and Pouch Packaging along with cutting through a variety of materials by using products such as Film Cutting Knives, Plastic Cutting Knives and Paper Cutting Knives.

These Packaging Machine Knives, also known as Vertical Form Fill Knives or VFFS Knives are used on Vertical Form Fill Machines. Fernite of Sheffield manufacture these VFF Knives to exacting specification as required by manufactures such as Rovema, Sandiacre, Bosch and Ishida.

As Fernite of Sheffield have previously manufactured Rovema Blade, Rovema Knife, Sanidacre Knives, Sanidacre Blades, Ishida Knives, Ishida Blades, Bosch Knives, Bosch Blades along with Knives and Blades from the other leading Packaging Machine Manufactures, our experience makes us your number one choice for Machine Knives and Machine Blades.