Machine Blades Manufacturer

Machine Blades Manufacturer

Fernite is an innovative and world-leading blades manufacturer, supplying a global blue-chip customer base with high quality blades to optimise production processes.

We pride ourselves in producing machine blades using the best quality steel and advanced manufacturing technology to deliver blades which outperform our customers’ expectations time and time again. .

 Our steel comes only from European accredited mills and we ensure that every batch is the highest quality. 

Fernite supply machine blades to a global customer base in a range of sectors – from chemicals and plastics to food, printing and power generation. 

We manufacture machine blades for multiple uses and industries including scraper blades for rotary moulder, drum dryer machines and refiner blades, freezer blades, rotary cutters, guillotine blades, slicer and dicing blades, packaging machine blades. We are one of the UK’s largest and the highest quality machine blades manufacturer due to the high standard of products, production materials, attention to detail, short lead times and accuracy of equipment.

Fernite of Sheffield - leading machine knife manufacturer proudly based in the UK's centre of excellence for advanced manufacturing


Serving a diverse, global customer base

One of the biggest industries that we manufacture machine blades for is the food industry. We know that ensuring blades perform is essential for factories looking for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their production. Ensuring your business runs at the highest efficiency is why we source the best steel and manufacturing techniques to produce our machine blades.

Our machine blade manufacturing is of such high quality that we can confidently provide blades from small dicing blades, drum drier blades and toothed knives all the way up to big refiner blades for large machinery. When producing blades we precision manufacture to your exact specifications.

Because of our years of experience from working within the industry we can offer a bespoke service to customers needing accurate, non-standard, machine blades.

Investing in technology  – tailoring solutions to our customers’ needs

Our machine blades for the packing industry, like all our manufactured machine blades, allow our clients to run their businesses with the highest efficiency. How do we do that? We offer a highly reliable service and the highest quality by manufacturing all our products in the UK. We continually improve our processes to stay up to date with the latest manufacturing technology and we put our stamp of approval on all our manufactured products. We are proud to have been established since 1832 with over 180 years of heritage within the Sheffield steel industry.

With ever greater pressures on the packaging industry for continuous operational performance, a flexible, responsive and reliable Machine Blades Manufacturer is an invaluable asset.

Partnering packaging customers and distributors worldwide, our Made in Sheffield quality, flexible delivery and enduring support and advice keep your business ahead of the competition.

Machine Blades to optimise production processes

We can help protect your machine continuity and efficiency with the precision machine knives and blades you need, including:

  • form-fill seal knives
  • snack and bag-making knives
  • wrapping and overwrapping blades
  • shrink-wrapping knives
  • tray packing knives
  • converting knives
  • special purpose cut-off knives
  • tape-sealing knives
  • pelletiser and granulator blades.

Whatever the machine blades and whenever you need them, email us: or call us on +44 (0) 114 244 0527 for the highest quality of product and service at superb prices.


Machine Blades Manufacturer