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Jay Hartley – AF Whiteley Customer Service

What do you like about Fernite?

I love the friendly atmosphere and the team spirit everyone has!

What is your favourite quote?
The best thing about pain is, it lets you know you’re alive!

What is your favourite holiday destination?
I have no favourite holiday destination because I always love to try new places. My favourite holiday so far was diving in the red sea in Egypt.

Which super-hero would you like to be and why?

Cat Woman. Not sure if she is a super hero as she sways either side, not fully bad not fully good … but not only is she super hot and gets to wear an awesome outfit, she can also kick ass, and I am a total cat lover so seems the best answer on this question ha!

If you could pick anything to be really good at what would it be?

Break dancing! It looks so awesome!! I would love to start busting them moves out in the local pub and raise a few eyebrows.

What is your favourite day trip ?

Again love new places but anywhere in the country, I love long walks and country pubs.

What are your hobbies & a bit about them? 

I love training in the gym, I like to set myself new small goals and hit them every time – it’s fab and keeps me fit. I also love art and drawing, but I really have to be in the mood, takes you away from reality for a while and so relaxing.

What is your favourite drink?

Chocolate milkshake, or vodka with diet coke if out in the pub.

What do you dream of?

Usually can’t remember and nothing really exciting to be honest just stuff like cleaning house and odd boring things.

What things do you like?

Cooking, cleaning, spending time with my cats & friends (more the cats ha) training in the gym, charity work, trying new places to go shopping, fresh bedding.

What do you dislike?

Animal cruelty, messy untidy houses, rushing about, crumbs in butter, coriander!!